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Why to choose us?


Fast delivery

Because we are official MAQI reseller we always have big stocks of sewing machines.


Best price-quality ratio

MAQI Sewing Machines are developed to decrease your company costs because of energy saving motors and best quliaty parts.


12 months warranty

We offer you 12 months full warranty and 12/24 free support.


Spare parts

We can supply your company with best quality spare parts any time.

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Attractive commissions

We offer you best selling prices and attractive commissions.

Fast delivery

Because we have big stocks of sewing machines and spare parts, we always delivery on time!

24/7 free support

We offer you free support 24/7 even if the warranty is over.

Computerized sewing machines

The most advanced sewing machines in the world.

Direct drive moters

All new generation sewing machines comes with energy saving moters. It use energy only when you press the pedal and helps you to reduce energy consumption with up to 60%.

100% customer satisfaction

Always we think about our customers, so we give you best quality with competitive prices.

Best sellers

MAQI LS 9802MX-TD4, LS 889UT, LS31016-01CB-UT are our best sellers with most positive feedback.

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